The internet has no why should our professional lives?

NomadVisa wants to change the way people work.

Digital nomads and location-independent individuals encounter confusion and roadblocks which prevent them from staying in and being productive in some of the places that need them the most.

The Visa process needs to be changed and simplified, and useful information needs to be more readily available. By building a network and leveraging contacts, we can make it easier for you to get up and go.

As a community, we will contribute to emerging economies, develop and leverage our skills, and make meaningful connections across the world.

Are you ready?

Mission: Revamp the visa situation.

NomadVisa was created by digital nomads who understand the needs of our tribe. We believe that together, we can get our voices heard and open borders to this new way of working.

The digital nomad life requires flexibility in where we can work, and holding a tourist visa or being forced to create a business/be an employee for a medium to long term stay can be problematic.One of the biggest challenges to many of the eastern countries which tend to attract digital nomads is keeping up with the rest of the world in the technological sector (or “market readiness”). A lot of this issue can be attributed to the lack of a skilled workforce - a gap which we, as professionals, can help fill. Yet they are forcing us out.Working Visa restrictions limit what we can claim as business expenses. We want the scenario to be “home is where your laptop is.”We want the world to know that being location independent doesn’t mean flying away from responsibilities. It’s about establishing connections while sharing our values and knowledge...and shaping the future of work.By creating appropriate programs and regulations, countries could attract skills and improve their economy with a new class of world travelers. We aim to make it possible for our community of eager remote professionals to feel welcome to travel and work wherever we want.

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